Speech & Language

Everyone wants to be heard and our Speech Pathologists and Speech Pathology Assistants work diligently to make this happen! We use strategies for each child’s particular challenge in order for them to feel more confident about communicating with others. 

Success in life skills

A child’s occupation is to play, learn, and grow.  As Occupational therapists (OTs) specializing in pediatrics, we help children acquire the skills they need to perform the “occupations” of daily life to succeed in their homes, school environments, and communities.  

Needs in the Body

Physical therapy addresses movement and mobility of the body. We work to prevent, improve, or manage a condition for short and long-term health benefits for our patients. PTs examine each patient and develop an individualized plan, using treatment techniques to promote movement, balance, and coordination, reduce pain, restore or gain function, and prevent or decrease the disability. 


Specialty Programs

OT, PT, & Speech

Our speech, physical and occupational therapy teams have several specialty programs. These programs provide additional expertise with specific certifications and experience. We highly encourage professional development and ongoing education among our staff members so that your children can be provided with the best and most personal care. Our goal in the end is the same as yours, seeing children become empowered and successful in all areas of their lives.