ADHD Program

Occupational Therapy with ADHD Certified Therapists

Did you know that 11% of children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Children with ADHD struggle with attention, self-regulation, organizational skills, executive functions, and often times-academics. Our highly trained occupational therapists and ADHD certified therapists are here to help your child and family. In our ADHD Program your child will learn a number of strategies to assist them in daily tasks. 


Some skills learned in occupational therapy in our ADHD program include, learning self-monitoring strategies, alerting and calm-down methods for attention, adapting home and classroom environments for optimal success, strengthening executive function skills (organization, time management, task-initiation, memory) and improve sustained attention with cognitive strategies. 


What are Common Signs of ADHD?

If you have concerns that your child has ADHD, we highly recommend speaking to your pediatrician. The following list includes some of the common red flags seen in children with ADHD. 

  • Difficulty Switching Tasks, or Multi-tasking 
  • Easily Distracted by Noise 
  • Easily Distracted by Visual Stimulants 
  • Difficulty Staying on one activity
  • Frequently jumps to new tasks without completion
  • Hyper-focused on a preferred activity, to the point of tuning out others 
  • Inattention or daydreaming
  • Poor Attention to Detail
  • Forgets Normal Routines (such as steps to brush teeth, tie shoes, packing lunch)
  • Difficulty Starting Tasks
  • Frequently Losing Items
  • Poor Organizational Skills
  • Misinterprets Instructions
  • Poor flexibility with change of routine


Until more recent years, there has been two different categories of Attention Deficit Disorder. One with the hyperactive component and then one without. You may hear the phrase, “I am ADD, not ADHD.” However, physicians now encompass these two diagnosis as one label, ADHD. 

 Some individuals present hyperactivity while others do not. Hyperactivity is not the only sign of ADHD, and it is important to consider the previously listed signs such as inattention daydreaming. Nevertheless, hyperactivity and impulsivity are also factors within many ADHD diagnosis and should be discussed with your physician and therapist if it interferes with your child’s daily routines, safety awareness, or academic performance. 


  • Excessive Talking
  • Constantly on the go
  • Constantly touching objects
  • Fidgets and Squirms
  • Difficulty remaining seated
  • Difficulty Sleeping


  • Blurts Awnsers in the Classroom
  • Begins work before instructions
  • Struggles to wait turn
  • Poor Safety Awareness 

What can I expect with your ADHD Program and Occupational Therapy? ​

Occupational Therapists (OT) specialize in enabling individuals to perform meaningful tasks and occupations. ADHD affects many aspects of children’s lives such as academic performance, home routines, task initiation, physical coordination, and social skills. OT can help through applying knowledge in cognitive processes, behavioral science, anatomy, and sensory processing. Our ADHD Program is an extension of occupational therapy in that we apply this knowledge specifically to children with attention and self-regulation disorders. 

You will first receive a comprehensive evaluation for your child to see if they would benefit from occupational therapy. After testing, your occupational therapist will create a plan of care for your child that is unique to their needs and contain custom goals. These goals will depend on your child’s specific needs. Some common things to expect are: 

  • Comprehensive Report and Evaluation
  • Treatment Plan Unique for your Child

  • Therapeutic Games
  • “Just Right Challenge” for your child

  • Peer Interaction

  • One-on-One Interactions with Therapist

Our Technology

In our ADHD Program, we are dedicated to providing the most current and state of the art technology for our patients and families. Below is a list of some of the resources used specifically for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Play Attention

During one session per week, your child will have “Play Attention. This is a customized Neurocognitive Program using Neurofeedback and NASA-INSPIRED Technology to treat ADHD and improve executive functioning.

Play Attention has been clinically proven to improve attention, executive function, and self regulation in children, teenagers, and adults.  Research has shown that neurofeedback is also successful in behavior shaping, improving mindfulness, emotional control, and many more symptoms of ADHD.

Ready for Success

Occupational Therapy and our ADHD-Program helps children become more independent in daily occupations and routines. Be ready for success in academics, at home, and with peers. 

Behavior Screening

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