Summer Therapy

Give your child a jumpstart on essential skills before the new school year with speech, physical, and occupational therapy. 

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Benefits of Summer Therapy

Enhance Academic Skills

Is your child falling behind with reading, handwriting, or attention stamina? Summer therapy with speech or OT can help your child before starting the next grade level.


Never have a Gap in Services

Does your child currently receive speech, physical, or occupational therapy in schools? During the summer they will be missing that opportunity. Outpatient therapy can make sure there is never a gap in services.


More Time or Services

Are you already getting therapy at TTC? Summer provides a more flexible schedule with more time to maximize your progress and sessions. Summer may also be a great time to add the second therapy discipline you have been considering.


Give your child the jumpstart they need for the new school year with summer therapy at Texarkana Therapy Center.