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We are now enrolling for summer therapy! Get a jumpstart on the upcoming school year! Summer therapy is a great way to maximize potential in targeted skills. Texarkana Therapy Center has several options to maximize summer opportunities. It is important to act early, we will start evaluations this spring in preparation for summer therapy. 

Enroll Now!

Don't ever have a lapse of services

Don’t let your child have a gap in services. If your child is currently receiving speech, physical, or occupational therapy in school districts- outpatient therapy will make sure there’s never a lapse in services. Our therapists will work with your child to target specific skills they need to continue to succeed in school and across all environments. Your child has been working so hard on their therapy goals at school, let’s keep making positive gains with their goals! 

Maximize your sessions!

Summer schedules provide a lot more flexibility. Oftentimes, children may be able to receive more time or sessions but the school year creates obstacles for scheduling. Between busy life schedules, limited after-school spots, and extracurricular activities – maximizing therapy can be difficult with the school year. Summertime gives many families more flexibility to maximize their sessions and benefits as well as therapy progress. Talk with our front desk about your insurance benefits and with your therapist about if your child would benefit from increased therapy times. We want to see your child hit all their targets this year!

Get a Jumpstart for the School Year!

Stay ahead of the game!

How is your child doing with key milestones to succeed each school year? Are they having trouble with handwriting skills or fine motor skills with class manipulatives such as scissors and writing utensils? Are they keeping up with phonological awareness with reading? There are many skills that our occupational, speech, and physical therapists can address to make sure your child is hitting all targets at school and all environments. 

If you are unsure if your child is meeting key milestones, try our free online screening tool! It will look at ages 1-6 milestones for speech & language, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and sensory processing. Afterwards, you will receive a free home program to your email. 

If you find that your child is not meeting certain steps within the tool, we encourage you to talk to your pediatrician and call us about setting up an evaluation for your child.