School Therapy Contracts

Please note that this page is exclusively for school administrators. Texarkana Therapy Center does not discuss school therapy outside the IEP with parent. This page is for school administrators, daycares, and preschools to receive more information.  

School Contracts

For 20+ years our therapists have provided school-based therapy at over a dozen school districts in the ARK-LA-TEX Region. Our team takes great pride in providing quality services within the educational setting. If you are an school district or day-care administrator and would like to know more about how TTC can partner with you, please feel free to give us a call or email [email protected].​


It is critical that children in daycare and preschool settings are meeting their developmental milestones. Often times teachers notice mild delays with speech, sensory, or motor skills in certain children. Our team is happy to work with your facility to provide screenings and therapeutic services for your children as needed.


Often times teachers and school faculty inquire about practical strategies to assist them in the classroom. Our team can provide an in-service to coach your staff on various ways to encourage development, assist children with special needs, and understand when a child may need additional therapeutic support services.

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