Pediatric Physical Therapy

Physical therapy addresses movement and mobility of the body. We work to prevent, improve or manage a condition for short and long-term health benefits for our patients. PTs examine each patient and develop an individualized plan, using treatment techniques to promote movement, balance, and coordination, reduce pain, restore or gain function, and prevent or decrease disability. 

Therapeutic Exercises and Play

Improve academic skills such as attention, handwriting, visual memory, organizational skills, and more. For more information on our academic readiness programs, visit our specialty pages and programs,

Therapeutic/ Kinesiological Taping

Sensory integration teaches children to self-regulate and better adapt to their environment. OT will help children that are sensitive to sounds, movement, messy play, are clumsy, or are picky eaters.

Gait and Mobility Training

OT works on improving fine motor skills so that individuals can succeed with every day tasks such as playing with toys, writing, managing fasteners, cutting with scissors, or coordination with tools and utensils.

Manual Therapy/Neurological Re-education

If your child struggles with any aspect of daily self-cares your OT will be there to help them gain the confidence and independence they need. OT may address sleep, dressing, eating, grooming, social skills and more.

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