Outpatient Rehabilitation

Texarkana Therapy Center is dedicated to providing quality care to all members of your family across the age spectrum. Our goal is to increase your function and make you the expert in your care along the way. 


Conditions We Treat

– Pre and Post Surgery

– Sprains and Strains

– Osteo-Arthritis

– Multiple Sclerosis

– Chronic Pain

– Headaches and muscle tension

– TMJ and Facial Pain

– Back and Neck Pain

– Shoulder pain

– Rheumatoid Arthritis

– Deconditioning/Weakness

– Disc Disease

– Balance and Falls

– Fibromyalgia


Strength & Flexibility Training

Pain in muscles and joints is often the result of weakness, immobility (stiffness), or muscular imbalance that places unintended stress on your body. The great news is that this pain is relieved and often goes away completely with proper strength and mobility training.


Let us pass on our knowledge to you and build you a program tailored to your needs.

Myofascial Therapy & Dry Needling

Hands on therapy has consistently been proven to be among the most effective treatments for pain and stiffness. This is a priority in your care and can take the form of massage, dry needling, cupping, joint mobilization, IASTM, and caregiver training to change the physical state of your neuromuscular system.


Manual Therapy is almost always incorporated in to your care. If you have a specific question or request, call us today and we will plan it together.

Endurance and Conditioning

Deconditioning or cardiopulmonary weakness is often the cause of decreased participation in life. Monitoring these systems and progressing safely on your own can be intimidating. Your therapist will work with your doctor and follow recommended guidelines to build your stamina and give you peace of mind.

Generalized Pain and Weakness

Frequently Asked Questions?

You may have been told you have a certain diagnosis and have a general idea of what that means or what to expect. On your first visit (your Initial Evaluation), your Therapist will educate you in detail about your specific condition and develop a plan that fits based measurements and feedback from you.

Physical Therapy is now available through direct access in Texas. In short, you can call and make an appointment yourself, directly, without a doctor’s referral first. Though some feel nervous or take this to mean that their physician may be cut out of the loop, don’t worry, as this is definitely not true. It is a priority for us that your doctor stay informed and contribute to your care as a team approach is best for everyone.


This “direct access” simply allows you to get the ball rolling with less red tape and wait time.


If you are concerned about insurance, call us. We can check it for you!

Cost will depend on insurance and medicaid. Our staff is here to help you through the process to check your insurance coverage and co-pays.